Stylish and Comfortable Furniture

Just The Basics, Ma'am! Law Firm Furniture With A Purpose

by Jason Mason

When you are opening your own law firm for the first time, you need furniture. Desks, tables, chairs are all musts for your reception area, your offices and your conference room. Bookshelves and filing cabinets are also helpful if you intend to put your law books and case files somewhere other than boxes on the floor. If you feel a little out of your element, you can always contract a Knoll distributor for furniture. Companies like this one offer all of the following basics in furniture, plus special services.

Adjustable Leg Work Tables

When you just need a table to sit at or put your laptop on, and you want to squeeze the most out of your furniture budget, these tables are perfect. You can adjust them for your own height or for the height of others in the office. Better yet, they roll about on casters, so you can use them as tech support presentation tables to hold a computer, laptop and projector to show prospective clients what your legal firm can do for them.


What has four legs but never moves on its own? The answer, of course, is a chair. You will need at least four chairs for every room in your office. This company offers the most basic modern design chairs to accompany their basic tables. Some have wheels, but most, like the riddle states, cannot move on their own unless you pull and push them around (wheel-less).

Basic Modular Storage (Locks Optional)

This company makes basic modular filing cabinets and shelving storage. Most of the modules have optional openings in which you can install your own locking mechanisms for security purposes. Select basic white or basic pine wood grain to compliment your selections in office furniture.

Services Provided

For those who are completely lost by the sea of choices in law firm furniture, consider hiring contract furniture distributors, like Evenson Best. They are akin to interior decorators and can help you choose furniture that fits your budget, your office space and your needs. A representative will visit your office in person, take measurements, create a virtual diagram of the spaces that need to be furnished, create estimates with furniture pieces in mind, and pare it down or scale it up to meet your budget. If you ever need more furniture or you want to upgrade some of the furniture you started out with, you just call the distributors and they will help you replace it.