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Three Practical Principles For Buying The Perfect Sofa

by Jason Mason

What you consider the perfect sofa may be completely unappealing to your friends. What your friends consider a perfect sofa may look like an ugly lump to you! Because there are so many different opinions and so many different styles of sofas, it's hard to offer specific tips for finding the sofa of your dreams. However, there are three basic principles to keep in mind as you shop for a sofa. Follow these principles, and you'll come home with furniture that you think is comfy and attractive. 

Look for a sturdy frame.

Whether you end up buying a long divan or an over-stuffed leather couch, you must ensure the frame is solid. Your best bet is a hardwood frame, such as one made from oak, ash, or beech. Hardwood is very sturdy and should not snap, even if you decide to cram 10 people on the sofa for movie night. A softer wood, like pine, is not terrible if you're on a tight budget, but you should always avoid sofas with frames made with particle board. It may snap within a year or two, leaving you with a sagging, unusable piece of furniture.

Examine the stitches.

Cheaply made sofas often have loose stitches. This means they're bound to get rips or gaps where the seams are. Plus, if you notice loose stitches, this is probably a sign that the rest of the sofa's not well-made either. You want the sofa you purchase to have straight, tight stitches. The seams should be even and made with thick, sturdy thread.

Make sure the material fits your lifestyle.

You might think leather looks lovely, but if you spend a lot of time on your sofa in shorts during the hot summer, you'll soon come to hate your sticky leather soda. Similarly, microfiber looks pristine and elegant -- until your dog leaves a furry patch that's near impossible to remove. So, consider your lifestyle when choosing a material. In general, leather is only a good choice in cold climates and homes with air conditioning. Pet owners should choose smooth linens that are easily lint rolled, and parents should always make sure the material is washable and stain-proof!

If you find a sofa with a sturdy frame, tight stitches, and a material that suits your lifestyle, then the color and shape are really up to you. Explore all of your options at a furniture store in your area.