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Care Tips For Your Mid-Century Modern Wood Furniture

by Jason Mason

If you have finally purchased the mid-century modern wood furniture that you have coveted for a long time, then it is vital that you know how to properly care for it. The wood furniture made in this time period is known for its high quality and will last for centuries if you take good care of it while you own it.

To ensure your mid-century modern furniture passes along to its next owner in excellent condition when you are finished with it, follow these tips:

Tip: Only Clean the Furniture Using a Soft Cloth

Most mid-century modern furniture was finished with oil, rather than layers of protective varathane or other more current wood finishing products. For this reason, you should never clean it with a wood soap or detergent. Soaps and detergents are too harsh and will discolor the wood. Instead, when your mid-century wood furniture is dusty you should wipe it down using a soft cloth.

If the table is soiled and needs to be washed, then do so by dampening your cloth with water. Once you have wiped down the table with the moist cloth, then dry it thoroughly to remove any water droplets that are present.

Tip: Oil Your Furniture to Protect the Wood from Moisture Loss

As wood dries, it has a tendency to crack. While your mid-century modern furniture's wood was likely dried in a kiln to help prevent this problem, all wood furniture is susceptible to cracking as it ages. The good news is that you can keep your furniture looking great and prevent cracking by regularly oiling it with a high-quality wood oil.

To oil your furniture, put some wood oil on a clean cotton rag and rub it into every surface of the wood. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes and then rub off the excess using a clean cotton rag. Repeat this process every month to keep the furniture wood healthy.

Tip: Prevent Water Stains by Using Placemats and Coasters

Finally, if you purchased end tables or a dining room table, then it is very important that you keep drinking glasses and food plates from forming water stains in the wood. The easiest way to do so is to provide coasters and placemats for people to use. Insist that anyone who eats or drinks on your new mid-century modern furniture use both to protect your furniture investment and keep its wood looking great for a very long time in the future. 

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