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How To Keep Upholstered Furniture Clean Without Using A Slipcover

by Jason Mason

The sight of a clean couch or armchair is a lovely one, but keeping upholstery clean may seem like an impossible chore unless you cover the entire couch with a slipcover. While some companies have slipcovers that come in separate pieces for each cushion, allowing the couch to still look like a couch, for example, many other companies make slipcovers that are really just giant sheets. If you don't want the messy look of a sheetlike slipcover, but you want to keep your couch and other upholstered furniture clean, take a look at this list of things you can do.

Shoes off the Couch

Lots of people seem unconcerned by what they transfer to their couch if they put their shoe-clad feet up onto the cushions. If you don't already make people take their shoes off at the door, institute a rule of no shoes on the couch/chair/bed/anything. You'll protect the furniture from the dirt, water, mud, germs, leaves, and other undesirable things that stick to shoes. You might experience push back at first, but stand your ground. If you're the one who has to clean it, you get to decree it shoe-free.

No-Food Rule

Some social interaction can take place around food and furniture, like having friends over and serving drinks while everyone is sitting on the furniture. Add in food, and you can find crumbs hidden in the cushions for the next several weeks. You may want to ban food from being near the couch or other furniture except for dining room furniture. Drinks are usually fine if you can trust the people holding them not to spill them.

Lint Rollers and Vacuum Attachments

Give each piece of upholstered furniture a swipe each week with a lint roller, and run the vacuum's upholstery attachment over the furniture quickly as well. If you pick up the light layer of dust that settled on the furniture over the week, as well as pollen and lint, you can keep the furniture looking brighter for a longer time.

Weekly Spot Cleaning

As well as using the vacuum and lint roller, check over the furniture for small stains and spots. Spot clean those immediately. Leaving even tiny bits of dirt isn't a good idea as the spots can gradually add up and make the furniture look like it hasn't been cleaned in a long time.

This really takes no longer than it does to remove the slipcover, wash and dry it, and put it back. If you have other questions or are dealing with a big stain, call an upholstery company about repairs and possible reupholstering.