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Fresh Ideas For Decorating A Traditional Dining Room

by Jason Mason

A traditional dining room can be a formal space. It may seem like you need to keep the space sedate to maintain its formality. However, your dining room can feel like an inviting space for both family dinners and formal entertaining. Make over your dining room with fresh style ideas.

Dining Room Furniture

Naturally, the center of any dining room is the furniture, especially the table. Traditional dining rooms usually feature wooden furniture. When choosing your table, choose a rectangular or oval table. Not only are these the traditional shapes, but they can more easily accommodate larger gatherings. If you want a truly formal look, opt for a table and chairs that feature carved legs. An oval table with unadorned legs can add a touch of modernity to your space. Rich finishes are classic, but you may want to keep them light and warm if your dining room is small.  

Colorful Additions

Speaking of color, even the most formal of dining room needs a little color. This can come in the chair's cushions, or you can cover the chair backs with slip covers. Likewise, consider a beautiful rug to place your dining room set on. One with a tapestry design is most traditional. However, a solid-colored or subtle-patterned rug in a bright color can brighten up the space.

Statement Light Fixture

Obviously lighting is essential for any room. However, you can utilize a statement light fixture to further showcase your dining room table. An ornate chandelier is the most formal choice. You could opt for a more artistic style, such as a floral or modern chandelier, to add a creative touch to the room. To emphasize the length of your room and table, consider a line of oversize pendant lights over the dining area.

Collection Display

If you want to personalize your dining room, Home and Garden TV suggests displaying a collection, perhaps of dishes or colored glass. Indeed, this is another way you can color into your traditional space. Look for items that stay within a specific color scheme – the ones in the article are all blue-patterned. Likewise, invest in the appropriate display method, be it wooden shelving or plate displays.

Unique Artwork

Another method for personalizing the dining room is with artwork. If your room is completely traditional, stick with representational art. You could find a beautiful print of a still life or pastoral scene. If you don't mind a touch of modernity, opt for an abstract print. Look for large pieces, and keep the installations to a minimum. That way, you avoid a cluttered look.

Create a dining room atmosphere that's both traditional and unique to your home.