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Simple Changes Can Make A Big Difference In How Well You Sleep

by Jason Mason

If you don't always sleep as well as you wish, there could be some simple ways to get better-rested. Take a look around and identify if there are issues that could be interfering with your much-needed sleep and that you can resolve easily.

Some things that could be impacting your sleep include:

Your bed. How old is your mattress? If you can't remember when you bought your mattress, it is likely time for a new one. Mattresses don't have to be expensive to provide support and comfort; plus, if you don't need a new box-spring, you will find replacement costs very affordable. There are many cheap mattresses that can be a great fit for your needs.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, consider the following options:

  • Memory foam mattresses. You feel like you are sinking when you first lay down on a memory foam mattress. These styles are luxurious and will cradle you to sleep.
  • Inner spring mattresses. An inner spring mattress is heavier and often bulkier than a memory foam. It has strong, metal coils inside that help provide reinforcement and support while you sleep.
  • Hybrid mattresses. A hybrid mattress combines the best of both worlds: so-soft comfort of memory foam and the therapeutic support of an inner spring.

If the time has come to purchase a new mattress, look for a merchant that will back up the sale with customer service and attention, which helps to instill peace of mind. Ask about return policies, as you don't want to face buyer's remorse later-on. 

The atmosphere. Maybe your allergies are keeping you up at night. If you are sensitive to dust, pollen, or dander, try buying allergen free bedding and protective cotton pillows that help keep allergens away. Pillows will become heavy and less-comfortable when they are laden with dust, mites, and skin cells, which means it is time to toss them out!

Traffic and noise. If noise keeps waking you up, it is more difficult to reach REM sleep and wake feeling rested. Invest in a sound-machine, which replicates sounds in nature and that lulls you to sleep. It also helps to drown-out the sounds of traffic, neighbors, or other disturbances.

Your body. If you eat before bed, digestion might wake you. It also makes sense to not exercise too close to bed. Other things that may impact your sleep are alcohol, smoking, and drinking caffeine too close to bedtime.

Use these tips to evaluate your sleep environment and get better rest at night. If you need a new mattress, compare and consider online options that could provide competitive pricing and delivery to your door.