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Creating a Small Home Office? 4 Ideas for Maximizing Your Space

by Jason Mason

If you have a small spare bedroom you want to convert into a home office, you may be wondering how to make the most of the available space. Consider these options to create a custom home office that provides you with the work area you need, even in a small room.

Install Custom Cabinets

Instead of adding a desk that takes up a lot of space in the room, consider installing custom cabinets along one wall, and adding a counter that doubles as a work space. This provides all the storage space you need for office supplies, binders, and other work essentials, while keeping the rest of the room feeling more open.

Have custom under-cabinet lighting installed to illuminate your work area, and have your contractor create a cable management system on the counter area to prevent cords and wires from becoming tangled. You can also have custom sets of drawers installed under the counter to create a filing system that gives you easy access to client paperwork and invoices.

Add Wall-Mounted Displays

You can save space on your desk top by having a large computer monitor mounted to your wall. This is a great option if you do design work, video editing, or any other type of work that requires a large screen. Be sure that your custom cabinet design allows enough space on the wall for your monitor, and measure first to ensure it's at eye-level when you are sitting down at the desk.

Get Custom Bookshelves

If you also plan to use your home office as a library, consider custom bookshelves to line the walls of the room. This provides a great option for a multi-use room, and it lets you keep all of your family's books in one location. Opt for floor-to-ceiling shelving systems that create the appearance of built-in bookcases, and have your contractor install recessed lighting above the bookshelves to illuminate the space.

Get Sleeper Sofas

Sometimes you need to take a break from sitting at your desk to ponder new ideas, and a sleeper sofa offers a space-saving way to do just that. You can pull out the bed for out-of-town guests, which means you can also use your home office as a guest room, and you can use the sofa as a place to relax, read a book, or just break up the monotony of a workday at home.

If space is extremely limited in the room, consider a loveseat with a pullout bed instead of a full-sized sofa. For a more unique look, choose a custom sofa or loveseat so you can select the upholstery that best suits your personal sense of style.

Before you make plans for any custom furnishings, cabinets, or shelves, measure the room and map out where you want everything to go. You can learn more about custom furniture and interior design by contacting services like Paul Rene Furniture and Cabinetry.