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Transform Your Living Room: Stress-Free Ways To Get That Simple Rustic Design

by Jason Mason

Do you love rustic themes? If so, you may want to transform your living room with rustic decorations and other items that will go along with the theme. After all, a home with a rustic interior design could feel more comfortable and relaxing for you and your family members.

Make Your Own Wooden Signs

One way to add rustic decorations to the living room is to create your own wooden signs. You would be able to make your own signs by purchasing slabs of wood, letter stencils, and paint. Choose paint colors in shades of white, gray and tan because they tend to match perfectly with the rustic theme. Simply place your letter stencils on the wood to spell out a message and paint inside the stencils. Leave your signs on a table to dry for several hours before hanging them up. If you are not sure what to put on your signs, these are some phrases to consider painting onto wood signs:

  • Bless This Home
  • We Are Family
  • Always Be Kind
  • Enjoy Life

Sweet, short and simple phrases like these are great. However, you can always choose other phrases and quotes that you can relate to, too.

Use a Custom Wooden Storage Crate For Toys

Instead of using a plastic basin for your children's toys, why not use a custom wooden storage crate to hold the toys? The crate will match with the rustic theme and will no longer be an eyesore in the room. Because the wooden storage crate is customizable, you could choose the specific color and style of the wood. You may want to have certain things engraved on the storage crate, such as the names of your children.

Add Flowers to Tables

Add some color and natural fragrance to the room with beautiful flowers. You could create your own vases using mason jars. Simply paint the inside of the mason jars with colors that match the rest of the room, wait for them to dry and then place the flowers inside of them. Not sure which flowers would be best for you to use? Consider colorful roses, hydrangeas, and cosmos. If you do not want to have to deal with the maintenance of having flowers on your end tables and coffee table, consider purchasing artificial flowers for your mason jar vases.

The rustic theme is popular because it makes the room feel welcoming, relaxed and comfortable. If it is the kind of theme you would like to go with for your living room, these are some of the things you can do to transform the room without any stress involved.

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