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What Mattress Should You Choose When Your Sleep Style Differs From Your Spouse's

by Jason Mason

Even without a nightmare, your nights can be long and uncomfortable with a spouse. The tossing and turning in bed, weight differences, if you give too much heat making you sweaty and your partner gives cold; if your spouse prefers a soft mattress and you, a firm one, you won't get much sleep. This will put a strain on your overall health, productivity and relationship. So how do you overcome these differences and still enjoy the intimacy that comes with sharing a bed? Well, there are several brands of mattresses designed and customized for you and your spouse.

Memory Foam

It is designed using memory foam. Memory foam will respond to body heat and adjust accordingly. If both of you generate a lot of heat; it will react to reduce it, so you can sleep soundly without waking up in the middle of the night, sweating.

Motion Isolation

Are you the type who's sensitive to motion and find it hard to get back to sleep after being awakened? Then a motion isolation mattress will sort out your problem. The motion isolation mattress is designed using organic plant-based materials. It is a perfect mattress for those who keep different hours, or who keep tossing and turning, waking you up. This mattress will isolate your spouse's motion in a way that you will not even notice.

Different Weights

If you and your spouse don't fall into the same weight bracket, with a bad mattress, one of you will compress the mattress causing one to roll into the other. You will find in the market mattresses made of memory foam that adjusts to your weight. If you are heavier it will support you more by becoming firmer. Each spouse's side will adjust according to the pressure you apply, avoiding the need to elbow your partner every time.

Soft versus Firm

She prefers firm mattresses, you want a soft one. Well, it's amazing to discover that there is a solution. Any store should offer soft and firm mattresses at varying levels. Sometimes, they can customize each side of your bed to meet your preferred firmness and that of your partner. While shopping for a mattress, you and your spouse will need to discuss your preferences and style. That way, you can go for something that accommodates and offers both of you a good night's sleep. A restful night will make you happier and more productive.