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How To Refinish Bamboo Furniture

by Jason Mason

If you have faded bamboo furniture, you don't have to replace it or discard it. Refinishing the furniture can restore the pieces to look new again by staining or painting. Refinishing bamboo is tricky since it has a natural protective coating.

However, it is still possible to refinish bamboo using the right techniques. This guide will help you refinish your bamboo furniture.

Prepare to Refinish the Bamboo Furniture

To refinish bamboo furniture, gather:

  • latex work gloves
  • vacuum
  • mineral spirits
  • tack cloths
  • rags
  • drop cloths or plastic
  • putty knife wire brush old toothbrush
  • 100-grit, 120-grit, and 200-grit sandpaper
  • varnish 
  • paint brushes
  • stain or acrylic primer and paint

If possible, refinish the furniture outdoors on a deck or other flat, non-grassy surface with a cover. Spread drop cloths or plastic over the work floor. If you have to work inside, raise a window to ventilate.

Sand and Clean the Surface

For paint or stain to adhere properly, the piece must be stripped and sanded. Wipe the surface with a rag, or run a vacuum over the surface to remove loose debris. Use a wire brush or putty knife to scrape tough dirt, and clean tight spaces with an old toothbrush.

If the furniture has developed a grayish appearance from sun exposure, you may not need to sand. The gray means the protective coating has faded. Sand the surface starting with the 100-grit sandpaper, following the grain. 

Clean the sand dust with the tack cloth, and repeat the process using the 120-grit and 200-grit sandpaper. Give the chair a final cleaning with a damp rag, and let it dry. Avoid getting bamboo too wet, which causes warping. To speed drying, place the piece near a fan.

Paint or Stain

Apply a thin layer of primer to the bottom parts of the piece using the brush, and let the first coat dry. Reverse the piece, prime the top, then let the primer dry. Check for evenness and missed spots, then add another layer, if needed. Brush paint on the surfaces in the same manner. 

Spray primer and paint can be used on flat chair surfaces, but make certain to buy materials formulated for wood. Hold the nozzle several inches away from the surface.

To stain the piece, brush the stain on using the paintbrush, working in the direction of the wood grain. Leave the stain to soak several minutes, then lightly sand with the 220-grit sandpaper, then clean dust. Add additional layers, in the same manner, until you reach the desired color. Applying a varnish can help further protect the surface. 

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