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Buying Office Furniture? Types Of Office Desks To Consider

by Jason Mason

When purchasing furniture for the office, one of the most important pieces is the office desk. This is because the majority of an office worker's time is spent at the desk, so it goes without saying that a considerable amount of time should be given to the desk during the purchasing process. When selecting an office desk, consider three main attributes: functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. These three attributes all have the ability to ensure that an office worker is more efficient during working hours.

All desks are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, it is important that you are familiar with the various styles of desks before you go shopping. Below, you will learn about some of the most popular styles of office desks, as this will be a critical consideration for you.

L-Shaped Office Desks

These desks are shaped like the letter "L" and offer additional surface area for working in the form of a right angle. This additional surface area provides ample storage room underneath. Depending on the office layout, this type of desk is perfect in the corner of a space or simply along a wall (just one side) with the other side towards the open floor.

U-Shaped Office Desks

These desks are shaped like the letter "U" and add a little extra working surface area and storage room than the l-shaped office desks. For office workers who need to work on multiple monitors at one time, a u-shaped desk is ideal because of the ample surface area that the desk provides. This type of desk can also accommodate more than one worker, if necessary. While versatile, this type of desk won't fit in every room, and they do take up more space than the l-shaped desk.

Stand-Up Office Desks

These desks offer great flexibility for the office as well as for the office worker. Rather than the worker needing to remain seated in the same position for the entire working day, the worker can adjust the height of the office desk and computer monitor throughout the day, allowing him or her to stand while at work. This can reduce cramps and lethargy, which are both often caused by immobility for extended periods of time.

Executive Office Desks

Because executives have more responsibility than the average office worker, the executive office desk is designed to accommodate this. Executive office desks tend to offer far more working surface and storage areas than any other type of desk. This not only allows for more space for monitors, keywords, paperwork, etc., but it opens up space to accommodate for client and employee interactions. These desks are larger in size than l- or u-shaped office desks, so they will need to be placed in larger spaces.