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Minimize Productivity Loss By Hiring Professionals To Move To A New Office

by Jason Mason

Operating your business is something that you may handle in an office with several employees. If you know that your company has outgrown your office, you may be planning to move offices. Trying to handle the move on your own or with employees can lead to a major productivity loss. So, you will benefit from hiring a moving company to help with transitioning to a new office.

Office Furniture

Moving the furniture in your office may require you to disassemble most pieces. If you prepare for the move without professional help, you may want to start disassembling early on. This will reduce productivity by taking time away from your work as well as not having assembled furniture around the office that your employees may rely on using every day in the office.

By getting help from movers, you can have them disassemble furniture pieces on the day of the move. This will allow you to keep the office fully functional up until the move happens.


When you move to another office, you will be moving a lot of furniture and boxes. To avoid a situation in which everything gets disorganized after the unloading process, you can rely on movers to take photos of your office setup and label all the boxes that are being packed.

While you could guide professionals during this experience, you may want to show them the floor plan for the office and then write down where you want furniture and boxes to go. This will allow you to stay productive while the movers unload and unpack everything in the right place.


Although you could drive a moving truck to save money, you would have to spend quite a while organizing all the details for the drive and delivering your possessions. Hiring movers allows you to avoid this process as well as getting a parking permit so that you can park a truck legally.

After Hours

Handling the move as a company is something that would require you to do it during normal business hours when your employees are used to coming in. But, to avoid a loss in productivity, you should hire movers to work in the after-hours when your employees are not working.

By working it out so that the move begins after the workday on Friday, you should be able to get everything set up in your new office for employees to use by Monday morning.

Hiring movers, such as from Changing Spaces Inc, is an ideal way to move to a new office and avoid a temporary productivity decline.