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Three Good Uses For An Antique Steamer Trunk

by Jason Mason

If you browse the products for sale at a couple of stores that sell antique furniture, it's almost certain that you'll come across a few steamer trunks for sale. Steamer trunks were hugely popular for travelers generations ago, and while they don't have the same type of value today, they have plenty of appeal for decorating your home. A large steamer trunk not only augments the look of your room but also offers a considerable amount of storage. You can place an antique steamer trunk in virtually any room in your home, but here are some ways that it can be handy in your living room specifically.


While you probably want to stack your firewood in a proper wood rack next to your living room fireplace, a steamer trunk can be valuable when you place it nearby. This device can hold your kindling and other items that you need for starting a fire — including pieces of newspaper and some boxes of matches. Storing these items nearby and in a tidy manner is ideal because they'll always be within reach when you're ready to make a fire. This is better than perhaps going out to the garage in search of kindling, or looking through your kitchen drawers to find some matches.

Children's Toys

Most families with young children can benefit from additional storage options for their children's toys. While there are plenty of other ways to store toys, there's little debate that a steamer trunk offers a stylish look. This is perfect if you like to store toys in a common area such as the living room but don't want the storage solution to appear too juvenile. It also offers a lot of durability, too. Whereas plastic storage racks and bins may get damaged over time, you can count on a steamer trunk to last until your children have grown up and no longer require toy storage.


If you have multiple magazine subscriptions, you might struggle with how to store them — and this can be a problem as new magazines arrive each month. Magazines don't always stand up well on bookshelves, and if you place them in boxes in the closet, you'll likely never read them. If you decide to place your steamer trunk in your living room, you might want to consider using it to store your magazines. This will make them easily accessible, but not to the point that they clutter your bookshelves or appear visually distracting.

For more ideas about what to do with different pieces of furniture, visit a living room furniture store in your area.