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How To Create The Perfect Teen Hangout

by Jason Mason

When you have teenagers, you want to be the cool parents so that they stick around, but you also want to know what's going on. One of the best ways for you to keep track of your teenagers and to make sure that they aren't getting into any kind of trouble is to have a home with the perfect teen hangout spot where they will want to chill with their friends. When your kids have a safe spot that they enjoy hanging out in, they are less likely to do things behind your back and get into trouble. 

Think Privacy

Teenagers don't want to be babysat, and they certainly don't want their parents walking in on their conversations with their friends. While you don't want your kids to hang out with their girlfriend or boyfriend alone in their bedrooms, if they have a large group of friends, there is nothing wrong with setting them up in a private spot like a basement or attic space. If you are still worried about them getting into trouble, then try to set rules such as only allowing them to keep the doors closed when there are a certain number of kids over and sending kids home past a certain time at night. 

Think Comfort

Another thing that teenagers want is to feel comfortable and when you have a big comfy sofa for them to all lounge on, then you know they are going to be comfortable. One fun thing to do is to get a big sectional sofa where they can pile all of their friends on and watch some movies. Look for something like an Alenya sofa. If you still need some additional seating, then consider getting some bean bag chairs that they can lounge on when they are having an even larger group of friends over. When choosing a sofa and bean bags, consider the fabric that you choose because the last thing teenagers are going to want to have to worry about is spilling on the furniture. Try to choose something like microfiber or leather so they don't have to think twice about things. 

Think Entertainment and Snacks

Once you have the perfect spot and furniture, then the last thing you need is a big TV, some accounts where they can stream their favorite shows/movies from, and some snacks. One fun idea is to set up a mini-refrigerator and fill it with things like bottled water and soda. Then, try to keep some of their other favorite snacks in stock in their hangout room like candy and chips; that way, they really feel like they have the ultimate hangout. 

To learn more about how you can create a great spot for your teenagers, reach out to a furniture store near you.